Our Story

It Takes A Village began with Jimmy Buffett, lost in the Carolinas. This sweet young man found his way to Melissa and Lori through the power of social media. Before the two ever met in person, Melissa and Lori worked together to share his story and find him a loving new home. As many in the Rescue World know, it only takes one adorable face to spark an entire mission. Their passion is to protect and save the lives of as many as they can, and to unconditionally love the ones whose time has passed.

Since 2017, Melissa and Lori have connected hundreds of homeless pets to hopeful adopters, fulfilled family dreams, and changed their own lives along the way.

In the last 5 years, our Village has grown. Partnerships with Northern Rescues and the purchase of a transport van has allowed us to send hundreds of dogs north where there is a shortage of shelter dogs. We have developed many relationships with local shelters, trainers, service dog programs, local animal control and so many more. We never shy away from a medical case no matter the cost, we rescue dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. We support our local communities with spay and neuter, vaccines, education and more.

As a 100% volunteer 501C3 organization , we know one thing to be true: it certainly takes a village to raise an animal. If you would like to join our Village, please consider looking at our current opportunities.

In Memoriam: To Pepper (top left) and Simon (bottom left). Although your lives were too short, you continue to impact us and the mission we started in your name. Gone far too early, but your memories live on in our hearts.

Our Vision

Our Mission is simple: We will rescue until our services are no longer needed. The ultimate dream of any rescue! Connected through the grapevine of social media, Our Villagers share compassion, love, and empathy for all the creatures we care for. Our vision is to extend our love across not only the Carolinas, but to any dog in need.

Although some of the cases may break our hearts, they are quickly rebuilt by the resilience and strength that resonates from every dog. Our vision is to embrace every situation and inspire all those around us.

We value all our connections, and know that a single “share” or “like” on social media has changed so many lives, Jimmy Buffett’s included. Please consider finding us on Facebook and Instagram to help us achieve our mission!

Our Team

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It Takes A Village Rescue


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It Takes A Village Rescue



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