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Dog Adoption

It Takes A Village Rescue is a foster based rescue organization and does not have a traditional physical kennel facility like many humane societies or animal shelters do. Our dogs are typically housed in family homes and cared for by their foster families until we find a forever home for them. Therefore, our process to meet dogs and to adopt may be different than a normal animal control facility, humane society or animal shelter.

In order to schedule a visit to meet It Takes A Village Rescue dogs available for adoption, you must apply to adopt, successfully complete the application process, and have obtained an approval.

We understand that it seems like a long process to get through to just meet a dog, however, we want to ensure that dogs and families are a good match for each other and that the dog you are interested in is still available at the time you are approved to adopt. We also feel it important to have potential adopter's screened adequately to ensure that we know who may be engaging with our volunteers and visiting our foster families' homes. Their peace of mind and safety is of utmost importance to It Takes A Village Rescue.

Step 1 Apply


There is a $20 donation made at the time of application. Each application takes about an hour for our team to complete. Though that may not seem like a lot of time, time in rescue is always sparse as we rescue is a 24/7 commitment. The fee also allows us to devote our time to applicants like you who are seriously committed to providing a home to one of our dogs. Things to know BEFORE you apply:

  1. You MUST be 21 to adopt
  2. All animals must be up to date on vaccines and altered (unless there is a medical reason or they are too young)
  3. We do not allow the use of E Collars.
  4. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of approval; we will always put the dogs needs first in making a good fit
  5.  Once reviewed the application process will consist of the following: vet and reference check, phone interview, and virtual home check
  6. We work applications as quickly as possible and will usually be in touch in 1-5 business days
  7. We will keep application on file for 6 months so you can continue visit our site.





Step 2 Match


Once the application process is complete an It Takes A Village Adoption Coordinator will discuss with you the dog you applied for and other available dogs that may match your interests and lifestyle.  Once a potential match is determined you will be connected to the foster family who will provide you with more personal detail about the particular dog and set up a time for you to come and visit with the dog in their home.




Step 3 Visit



All prospective new families must travel and come to meet the dogs in their current foster home environment to ensure that the dogs are where they feel the most comfortable and can be themselves. We want to make sure you see the "real"' them and vice versa! Please plan to bring your current canine companion(s) with you if you have any. Cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits, etc. are not required to travel for the meet and greet. If you have a special needs dog that cannot travel please let your Adoption Coordinator know and they will work with you.

If the meet and greet visit is successful and we have a match the foster family will be able to process and finalize the adoption and you will be able to take your dog home with you that same day! Therefore, please make home preparations prior to your visit so you will be ready to take your new friend home!

Step 4 Follow Up



Once our dog moves on to their "forever" home, we like to stay in touch with our families to ensure that all is going well and everyone is getting acclimated to each other. We are happy to assist you with any advice, suggestions or information that you need to help settle and acclimate your new family member into your home to make the transition as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Our goal is to make the adoption process a rewarding one and a good experience for all involved. We like to think of our dogs and their adoptive homes as It Takes A Village Rescue Ambassadors that will spread the word about their positive experience with adopting a rescue dog and help others realize that there are many wonderful dogs available for adoption everywhere!




Adoption Application

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